Volunteer -------We need you,help us to help our young!!! offer your time,your talents,your services for a good cause,OUR CHILDREN,OUR FUTURE CHURCH AND SOCIETY,OUR FUTURE AMERICA,OUR FUTURE WORLD!!!!Join Us in helping our young to heal and grow,to find their gifts and talents ,to heal to succeed in their lives,to give them hope !!!  The love and mercy of Jesus Christ is unending!!We welcome young and old all generations,  religious and lay people, all walks of life to  come volunteer  to help bring healing to all and to strengthen our community,our future!!


sign up to volunteer your talents and services go to our contact page and fill out your information or email us at the justinhouse@gmail.com also you can call us at 781 492 9098!  All volunteers must fill out a cori I form. Here is a list of a few of our volunteer needs!

                                                                        Volunteer  Teachers Needed  Weekly for one day or evening (classes run for one hour)

                                                                         Guitar Lessons                    Jewelry making

                                                                          Songwriting                         Photography

                                                                          Acting(                                  Poetry and creative writing

                                                                           Art                                         Basic computer class

                                                                           Dance                                    GED

                                                                           voice lessons                        video and cd making

                                                                           Reading                                  Carpenty, Wood shop

                                                                           Speech Therapy                   public speaking

                                                                          Health and nutrition              Exercise

                                                                          Theology of the body


































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