Lord Jesus I need you, I'm sorry I never believed you,

                                                                                             but now I have found faith and I realize I need your grace

                                                                             as I place my hands over my bed to pray I ask that you pull me through the next day

                                                                         and if I shall begin to fall show me the way and I shall stand tall,I admit that I have been untrue

                                                                          but I will try to follow what you would do yet sometimes is so difficult to go by I reach for your hand

                                                                            and its so  high! Sometimes I question your exsistance, sometimes the devil uses resistiance

                                                                               to keep me from finding your love ,by holding my head down so I can't look above       

                                                                              forgive me and deliver me strength for with you my time of suffering will be a short length. 

                                                                                                                              Justin stivaletta                                                                                 

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